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Digitize your Supply Management Process.

What is Agrica

Agrica is a platform designed to digitize and integrate Business Transactions between the manufacturer and channel partners like distributors, dealers and retailers. Agrica achieves this through a combination of solutions, ERP for distributor, Retail POS for retailers, Android application (Track n Trace) for distributor/retailers and data platform for analytics for all the stakeholders.


Provides role based dashboard integrated for both manufacturer and distributor. Manufacturer dashboard covers spurious product tracking, scorecard, sales, stocks and goods movement of the channel.

Realtime Stats

Provides real time, accurate and on-demand data for the manufacturer or channel partners. This transparency between the players in terms of sales stocks and purchases at any given point in time.

Decision Making

Helps management to take effective decisions. Reduces cost, time and effort on collating data for analytics. It also helps in administering campaigns and monitoring the effectiveness of campaign management.


Purchase orders can be generated as an XML or any other file format and sent to a Secured FTP site of the manufacturer, for auto processing the same as sales order in the ERP of manufacturer.

Single Platform. Multiple Solutions.

End to end business solutions which addresses the supply chain management system and the business flow from manufacturer to the end customer.

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